The Most Unique Wall in Seattle

When Chewing Gum Becomes Art

Mention Seattle to someone and 9 times out of 10 their response will be in regards to either coffee or rain. The remainder will probably mention the fish market, the Space Needle, or the waterfront from which on a nice day it is just possible to see the mountains.

But there’s another side to the city. Traverse through Pike Place Market’s many corridors and you’ll eventually stumble across this sight for sore jaws:

Chew on this next time you’re enjoying some delicious salmon chowder.

Call it modern art or an anarchist statement against society. Call it what you will, because it’ll scream “gross” all on its own. Market officials apparently decided to call it a tourist attraction in 1999. Since then visitors have gobbed it on as if the gum were cement that could keep the building from crumbling apart.



Surprisingly, it took a little effort to locate this wall; I guess the city thought better of setting up signs sending unsuspecting sight-seekers into a place like this. Indeed it does seem like the sort of location you’d have to hear about from someone to even think of finding it.

If you are interested in finding this place for yourself, and possibly adding your own personal touch to the collection, you’ll have to locate Post Alley. It’s tucked away in one end of the fish market by the box office for the Market Theater.

Alternatively, just ask a local where you could spit out your gum without getting in trouble.



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