The Treehouse in Tainan

When Nature Takes Root in a Derelict Foundation

In an environment that at this point is more natural than man-made lies the Anping Treehouse. This structure is part of a larger museum in the Anping District of Tainan City in Taiwan, which includes the Old Tait & Co. Merchant House.

Anping Treehouse Side
The banyan tree is a type of fig which is known for growing from seeds trapped in crevices. They can sprout on other trees and even from buildings, as can be seen here. When left to their devices, they can grow to fiendish proportions.

The treehouse was originally a warehouse for a Dutch company called Tait & Co. But after the Japanese occupied Taiwan in World War II, it became the office of the Japan Salt Company.

After being abandoned post-WWII, the roots of a banyan tree went to work, spreading far and wide and eventually engulfing the entire building.

Anping Treehouse Roots

Those beginning their journey in Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei should take the train down to Tainan station (台南車站). The journey takes a little over 3 hours. From the front exit of the station, the Anping (安平) district is about 5km straight ahead. Take either bus 88 or 99, both of which stop by the treehouse.

For a small fee, visitors can peruse the property and bear witness to a structure which foreshadows how the planet might look once we are gone.

Click on an image above to begin a slideshow.


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