Celebrating Chopin in Warsaw

Is there anything as nice as sitting on the grass in a peaceful garden, throughout which can be heard only the flurry of notes and the rustling of wind through leaves?

Every Sunday during the spring and summer, music lovers assemble in Lazienki Park in Warsaw. Twice a day, at 12 and 4pm, groups of families and friends, tourists and locals, gather around the Chopin Monument to listen to world class pianists perform classical works composed by the master for whom the monument was constructed.


Pianists from as far away as Japan come to perform in front of a captivated audience either reclined on benches or sprawled out on the grass along the circular pond. Every time, I’m amazed not only by the powerful playing, but also by the effort involved in coordinating and funding such a service for the city of Warsaw.

On this particular day, a Polish pianist named Paweł Wakarecy treated us to a brilliant selection of pieces.

For the best choice of seating, I recommend arriving about half an hour early. That said, there are no prime seats. Speakers are set up at intervals around the pond in the center of the park, so there is good sound wherever one decides to sit. Benches and grass are plentiful. However, on a hot day shade becomes a scarce commodity.

More details and a full rundown of performers are available on the official Lazienki Krolewskie website.




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